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About ZaggoCare - Zach and Roberta CarsonZaggo, Inc. is a non-profit organization borne out of the experience of its Founder and President, Roberta Carson. Roberta was thrust into the role of caregiver for her son Zachary during his 27-month battle with pediatric brain cancer. After Zach died in 2007, many people asked Roberta to share the story of how she coped.  Others wondered what information, tools, and resources helped her manage Zach’s cancer and reduce their stress. These discussions brought to light the urgent need for practical, easy-to-use information and organizational tools to help patients and family caregivers manage an illness or injury.

The ZaggoCare® System

With the creation of the ZaggoCare® System, Roberta developed an entirely new approach to empower patients and their families to be more engaged, effective members of their medical team.

By using the ZaggoCare System, patients and families can:

  • Improve communication with the medical team
  • Make informed healthcare decisions
  • Adhere to complicated medication and treatment plans

Zaggo seeks to reach patients and caregivers directly, as well as through various other channels such as healthcare professionals, hospitals, corporations, health insurers, voluntary health agencies, and nonprofit healthcare associations.

As a charitable organization, Zaggo donates 100% of the profits from the sale of ZaggoCare to innovative brain tumor research.

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