Why Isn’t Healthcare The Same for Everyone?

In last week’s post, I covered the differences in healthcare and health outcomes for people based on their gender, race, income and sexuality. Today’s post addresses the question: Why isn’t healthcare the same for everyone? It’s a complicated problem. Equality in healthcare is a complicated problem because there are many factors that influence the quality […]

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How Can You Get the Best Healthcare? Actively Participate!

I was surprised to learn recently that a large percent of patients are “passive spectators” of their own healthcare. Passive patients rely on their doctor’s experience and knowledge – as a result they “sit back” and let the experience happen to them. When passive patients do not engage in their own healthcare, their health may […]

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Top Safety Concerns for Patients

Each year ECRI Institute* creates a list of the 10 top patient safety concerns to support healthcare organizations in their efforts to proactively identify and respond to patient safety hazards. Patients and family caregivers can use this information to be better informed – knowing what hazards are lurking can help us avoid being a victim. Don’t ignore these top […]

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