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Is it Time for a New Doctor?

This is the 3rd and final post answering the question: when is it time to change doctors? Having a positive relationship with each of your doctors, participating in the decision-making process, and trusting your doctor can all help you get the best healthcare possible. There are some issues that should lead you to look for […]

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Should You Switch Doctors?

This is the second post covering issues with your doctor that could lead you to fire your doctor and look for a replacement. Nobody is perfect, doctors included. If your doctor is incompetent, doesn’t listen to you, and/or treats you rudely, it’s time for a new doctor. But what if the issues you have with […]

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New Trends in Healthcare: Concierge Doctors, Smart Hospitals

This is the 3rd post of my 4-part series on new trends in healthcare. Today’s post focuses on concierge doctors and smart hospitals. Read the other posts in this series: Telehealth and medical scribes Uber vs ambulances, EMT care in your home and tablets for hospital patients Personal tracking devices and digital pills More Doctors […]

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Is Doctors’ Stress and Burn-Out Something Patients Should Care About? Yes!

Doctors’ Stress Is Impacting Patient Care The Physicians Foundation just published the results of a 2016 nationwide survey which sought to determine what doctors have to say about the state of the medical profession, including doctors’ stress. This survey, completed by over 17,200 doctors, shows that doctors have low morale and high stress. Doctors struggle to provide […]

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Wondering How to Choose the “Best” Hospital? Find out How Doctors Would Choose a Hospital for Their Own Care.

The hospital you choose for your treatment can have a big impact on your health. It can be an overwhelming decision that leaves you wondering how to choose the best hospital. Yes, there are websites with helpful information you can use to compare hospitals, and I suggest that you do so (see a list of […]

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