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The Government’s Response to Superbugs is Lacking

Superbugs are Killing Tens of Thousands of Patients and the US Government is not Fighting the Fight Everyone has heard the news stories of flesh-eating bacteria attacking patient’s limbs, leading to amputations in an attempt to save the patient’s life.  These scary superbugs seem like they belong in an Alfred Hitchcock movie, not in a […]

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What is a Hospitalist? Do you Need One?

There are over 50,000 hospitalists in the United States, yet chances are you have never even heard the term. What is a hospitalist? They are doctors, usually internists, who work in hospitals to coordinate and manage the care of hospitalized patients. These “captain of the ship” doctors work with other hospital based health professionals to make […]

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Top 10 Patient Safety Issues for 2016

ECRI* has published a list of the “Top 10 Patient Safety Concerns” for 2016, compiled by a panel of patient safety analysts.  This list provides insight into areas of healthcare for which all of us – patients, families, providers, insurers, employers, and government – should be concerned. It is worthwhile noting here that preventable medical […]

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Can Hospitals Make You Sick? Unfortunately, Yes.

Can hospitals make you sick? Sadly, yes. We would all like to think that hospitals are sterile places that couldn’t possibly make us sicker. Unfortunately, the opposite can be true. Preventable hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) – also referred to as healthcare-associate infections – are alarmingly common, and dangerous. Therefore, this is not an issue you want […]

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