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New Trends in Healthcare: Concierge Doctors, Smart Hospitals

This is the 3rd post of my 4-part series on new trends in healthcare. Today’s post focuses on concierge doctors and smart hospitals. To read the other posts in this series: Telehealth and medical scribes Uber vs ambulances, EMT care in your home and tablets for hospital patients Personal tracking devices and digital pills More […]

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Information Needed by Home Healthcare Providers is Lacking

Errors Occur When Home Healthcare Providers Don’t Get Accurate Information on Recently Discharged Patients Back in the good-old days of 1982, I went to the hospital on Monday, had knee surgery on Tuesday, and went home on Friday. Yep, 5 days in the hospital for a pretty minor procedure, which doctors now accomplish with patients […]

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Are Antibiotics Helpful or Harmful? What You Need to Know.

Antibiotics are the go-to treatment for many types of infections. Doctors prescribe them, and/or patients demand them, for a wide variety of ailments.  However, antibiotics are a mixed blessing.  Are antibiotics helpful or harmful? Sometimes they don’t help you recover,  sometimes they can make you sicker, and collectively they are causing great harm. Antibiotics can […]

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