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Information Needed by Home Healthcare Providers is Lacking

Errors Occur When Home Healthcare Providers Don’t Get Accurate Information on Recently Discharged Patients Back in the good-old days of 1982, I went to the hospital on Monday, had knee surgery on Tuesday, and went home on Friday. Yep, 5 days in the hospital for a pretty minor procedure, which doctors now accomplish with patients […]

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Are Antibiotics Helpful or Harmful? What You Need to Know.

Antibiotics are the go-to treatment for many types of infections. Doctors prescribe them, and/or patients demand them, for a wide variety of ailments.  However, antibiotics are a mixed blessing.  Are antibiotics helpful or harmful? Sometimes they don’t help you recover,  sometimes they can make you sicker, and collectively they are causing great harm. Antibiotics can […]

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Is C. Diff Dangerous for Patients?

What’s C. Diff and Why Should You Care? Clostridium difficile, commonly referred to as C. diff, is one tough bacterial infection. Is C. diff dangerous for patients? Unfortunately, C. diff is common and can be deadly. How many people are impacted? It makes over 500,000 Americans sick every year, killing 29,000 each year.  Over 94% […]

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