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Medication Errors in Long-Term Care Facilities – One Patient’s Cautionary Tale.

If you’re a regular reader of my blog posts (and I hope you are! If not, sign up here to receive my weekly post by email) you know I often cite research regarding the frequency and severity of medication errors. The Institute of Medicine estimates the average patient in hospitals and long-term care facilities experiences at least […]

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Learn a Lesson From Serena Williams: Trust Your Instincts When it Comes to Your Health

Speaking up can reduce your risk of a misdiagnosis! Have you ever felt that your doctor isn’t listening to you? Have you had your concerns brushed aside? Are you wondering how you can reduce your risk of a misdiagnosis? It happens in doctors’ offices, emergency departments and hospital rooms – patients have a sense of […]

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Outpatient Medical Errors: Patient Safety Concerns Are Not Only for Hospitals.

Do you know how to reduce your risk of medical errors at your doctor’s office? There’s been quite a bit in the news the past few years about safety in hospitals. Yet you don’t hear about the dangers patients face in doctor offices, ambulatory care centers, day surgical centers and even their homes. Do you […]

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Patient-Doctor Communication. What’s the Impact on Patient Health?

Research has shown that effective patient-doctor communication in healthcare is linked to higher patient and doctor satisfaction, better adherence to treatment plans, more appropriate medical decisions and better health outcomes. This should be enough to convince you that effective, clear conversations with your medical team are crucial. However, effective communication between the patient and doctor […]

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Information Needed by Home Healthcare Providers is Lacking

Errors Occur When Home Healthcare Providers Don’t Get Accurate Information on Recently Discharged Patients Back in the good-old days of 1982, I went to the hospital on Monday, had knee surgery on Tuesday, and went home on Friday. Yep, 5 days in the hospital for a pretty minor procedure, which doctors now accomplish with patients […]

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