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How Common are Patient Identification Errors?

Needless to say, it would be upsetting if you were given the wrong medication because a nurse confused you with another patient. Furthermore, what if a surgeon performed a procedure on you that was meant for another patient? These types of errors are the reason health care providers check your wristband and ask for you […]

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Mistakes at the Pharmacy

The pharmacy I use, part of a huge national chain, is busy. Actually, busy is an understatement. Several times I’ve waited on hold on the phone, listening to annoying music, for over an hour. And every time I go there, I grumble to myself, and to anyone nearby willing to listen, that they need more […]

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Reduce Your Risk of Medication Errors

Medications can make you feel better and can save your life. However, medications can also make you sicker – particularly if you take the wrong medication or take a medication differently than your doctor prescribed. Medication errors occur in hospitals, care facilities and at home. Learning how to reduce your risk of medication errors can […]

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Medical Errors in Outpatient Settings

There’s been quite a bit in the news lately about medical errors in hospitals. And hospitals are making concerted efforts to reduce errors (although there is still much room for improvement). But you don’t often hear about the dangers patients face in doctor offices, urgent care centers, day surgical centers and even their homes. Do […]

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What are Doctors Doing to Reduce Diagnostic Errors?

No one wants to hear they have cancer or another serious illness. It’s scary and overwhelming. What’s worse? A doctor telling you he/she failed to realize that you’ve had cancer (or another serious illness) for weeks or months, delaying potentially life-saving treatments. Also horrible? Receiving treatments for an illness you don’t even have. Diagnostic errors, […]

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One Patient’s Tale of Medication Errors in Long-Term Care

I often cite research regarding the frequency and severity of medication errors. The Institute of Medicine estimates the average patient in hospitals and long-term care facilities experiences at least one medication error each day! The report also states there are 1.5 million preventable adverse drug interactions each year in US hospitals and long-term care facilities. […]

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Can Your Medication Make You Sicker?

Medications are a common treatment. So common in fact, many patients take multiple medications. Although medication is supposed to make you better, that is not always the case. Can your medication make you sicker? Unfortunately, yes. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to reduce your risk of problems associated with medication. Americans take a […]

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Lesson From Serena Williams: Trust Your Instincts To Reduce Your Risk of a Misdiagnosis

Have you ever felt that your doctor isn’t listening to you? Have you had your concerns brushed aside? Are you wondering how you can reduce your risk of a misdiagnosis? It happens in doctors’ offices, emergency departments and hospital rooms – patients have a sense of what is ailing them and/or the seriousness of their condition, […]

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