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Mistakes at the Pharmacy

The pharmacy I use, part of a huge national chain, is busy. Actually, busy is an understatement. Several times I’ve waited on hold on the phone, listening to annoying music, for over an hour. And every time I go there, I grumble to myself, and to anyone nearby willing to listen, that they need more […]

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Reduce Your Risk of Medication Errors

Medications can make you feel better and can save your life. However, medications can also make you sicker – particularly if you take the wrong medication or take a medication differently than your doctor prescribed. Medication errors occur in hospitals, care facilities and at home. Learning how to reduce your risk of medication errors can […]

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Is Off-Label Medication Safe?

Millions of Americans take prescription medications to treat their diseases and improve their health. It’s easy to assume that the medication your doctor prescribes for you has been approved for your particular ailment. But sometimes, doctors prescribe medications that have not been approved for your ailment, a practice referred to as off-label medications. Is off-label […]

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Doctors Prescribe Too Many Medications

Medications save lives and make life more bearable for millions of people. No doubt about it. But medications can also cause harm. Logically, the more medications a patient takes, the higher the risk of side effects and dangerous interactions between medications. Did you know many patients take inappropriate or unnecessary medications? Unfortunately, over-prescribing is a […]

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Are Antibiotics Helpful or Harmful? What You Need to Know.

Antibiotics are the go-to treatment for many types of infections. Doctors prescribe them, and/or patients demand them, for a wide variety of ailments. Are antibiotics helpful or harmful? Antibiotics are a mixed blessing. Because sometimes they don’t help patients recover. And sometimes they make patients sicker, and collectively they are causing great harm. Doctors are […]

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Are Medications Safe?

Americans are taking billions of pills and other medications every year. Almost 50%  of US adults take at least one prescription medication. And many millions take over the counter medications. We rely on medications to keep us healthy and to cure both serious and minor ailments. In many cases, people would not survive without their […]

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Reduce the Risk of Medication Errors in Long-Term Care Facilities

The risk of medication errors in long-term care facilities is a serious issue. In last week’s post, we heard about Rose, an elderly woman who experienced dangerous medication errors while at several rehab facilities.  Unfortunately, medication errors in long-term care and/or rehab facilities are common and dangerous. Fortunately, you can reduce the risk of medication […]

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One Patient’s Tale of Medication Errors in Long-Term Care

I often cite research regarding the frequency and severity of medication errors. The Institute of Medicine estimates the average patient in hospitals and long-term care facilities experiences at least one medication error each day! The report also states there are 1.5 million preventable adverse drug interactions each year in US hospitals and long-term care facilities. […]

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