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How to Save Money on Prescription Medications

Prescription medications can be frighteningly expensive, even with insurance coverage. Have you ever suffered sticker shock? It’s happened to me on several occasions, including a co-pay of $450 for a medication we didn’t even end up using! These high prescription medication prices are hurting our collective health and our wallets. How widespread and serious is […]

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Tips for Handling Medical Bills

As if dealing with an illness or injury isn’t stressful enough, handling the bills and insurance paperwork can add an additional layer of stress to your life. Maybe the doctor’s office or hospital sent you a bill with a mistake. Or maybe your insurance company unexpectedly denied your claim. No matter your situation, it’s important […]

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NeedyMeds Helps Patients Save Money on Medications and Other Healthcare Expenses

This is a guest post written by NeedyMeds, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping patients save money on medications and other healthcare expenses. Every day more and more Americans are struggling to cover their medication costs. As a result, many must make difficult choices between paying for food, housing, or prescriptions. Certainly, uninsured Americans face […]

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How to Shop Around for Healthcare Pricing

This post is the 2nd of a two-part series. The first post covers the benefits of shopping around for healthcare pricing, how often patients shop around, and what prevents patients from comparison shopping. This blog covers how to shop around for healthcare pricing. Can you find out prices from hospitals and providers before you get […]

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Reduce Your Healthcare Expenses

Last week’s blog post covered how the US is the top spender in healthcare, yet Americans are not the healthiest population. A recent survey found that 85% of patients in the US feel care quality has not improved even though they are spending more on healthcare. Medical bills have frequently been cited as the number […]

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Why are Ambulance Rides so Expensive?

It’s never a good thing when you, or a loved one, needs an ambulance. Whether it’s a car accident or a heart attack, it’s usually a scary event that prompts you to call 911. EMTs save our lives. But at what cost? Why are ambulance rides so expensive? I know from personal experience that when […]

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