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Top Safety Concerns for Patients

Each year ECRI Institute* creates a list of the 10 top patient safety concerns to support healthcare organizations in their efforts to proactively identify and respond to patient safety hazards. Patients and family caregivers can use this information to be better informed – knowing what hazards are lurking can help us avoid being a victim. Don’t ignore these top […]

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Nursing Home Safety Issues Can Pose Dangers for Your Loved Ones.

Not all nursing homes are well managed. How can you keep your loved ones safe? When a loved one is too old or sick to care for themselves, many families consider putting the patient in a nursing home which can provide 24-7 medical attention for their loved one. However, putting a loved one in a facility […]

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Are Antibiotics Helpful or Harmful? What You Need to Know.

Antibiotics are the go-to treatment for many types of infections. Doctors prescribe them, and/or patients demand them, for a wide variety of ailments.  However, antibiotics are a mixed blessing.  Are antibiotics helpful or harmful? Sometimes they don’t help you recover,  sometimes they can make you sicker, and collectively they are causing great harm. Antibiotics can […]

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