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How Safe are Medical Devices?

You know you’re taking a risk if you’re skydiving or bull riding. But did you know there are serious risks associated with many medical devices? Maybe your diabetes leads to a recommendation for an insulin pump. Or, perhaps years of constant hip pain led you to a surgeon’s office to discuss a hip replacement. Or, […]

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Dangers in Hospitals

We go to the hospital for care and recovery. Certainly no one wants to get sicker in the hospital, but it happens more often than most people realize. There are dangers in hospitals, and other healthcare facilities, that can cause serious harm, even death. Each year ECRI* compiles of a list of top health technology […]

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Health Hazards in Hospitals

As a patient, it’s scary be in the hospital. It’s equally scary when your loved one is in the hospital. We all worry about health and recovery. Most of us don’t worry about the risk of getting sicker from health hazards in the hospital. But we should. It turns out there are dangers lurking in […]

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What Happens if You Don’t Get Your Test Results When You Leave the Hospital?

As a hospital patient, it is almost certain that your doctors will order tests to determine your diagnosis and/or treatment plans. Getting the results of these tests, and following through with care based on the findings, is critical for your health. But sometimes you don’t get these results before you are discharged. What happens if you don’t […]

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