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Safety Risks for Patients

  Although medical care helps us get and/or stay healthy, there are safety risks for patients that we should all know about. And many of these risks are related to technology. As we all know, technology is great when it works, but it can be a nightmare when things go wrong. As frustrating as this […]

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Health Technology Hazards for 2020

As a worry wart, the worst-case scenario easily enters my mind in most situations, particularly with health-related concerns. Pushing my overactive imagination aside, there really are legitimate hazards lurking in hospitals that increase your risk of complications. And many of the hazards are related to the use of technology in health care. What are the […]

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Hospital Safety Concerns for 2020

The prospect of medical procedure and/or a hospital stay scares most of us. We worry about our recovery. And we are nervous that we might not wake up from anesthesia. Furthermore, what if the doctor makes a mistake? Or, what if there is a failure of some kind along the way? These concerns are legit. […]

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Why is Sepsis so Dangerous?

Over 40% of US adults have never heard of sepsis, yet it is the leading cause of death in US hospitals. What is sepsis? How do you get it? And why is sepsis so dangerous? The what, how and why of sepsis. What is sepsis? Sepsis is a serious medical condition caused by an overwhelming […]

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How Safe are Medical Devices?

You know you’re taking a risk if you’re skydiving or bull riding. But did you know there are serious risks associated with many medical devices? Maybe your diabetes leads to a recommendation for an insulin pump. Or, perhaps years of constant hip pain led you to a surgeon’s office to discuss a hip replacement. Or, […]

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Dangers in Hospitals

We go to the hospital for care and recovery. Certainly no one wants to get sicker in the hospital, but it happens more often than most people realize. There are dangers in hospitals, and other healthcare facilities, that can cause serious harm, even death. Each year ECRI* compiles of a list of top health technology […]

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