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You Can Improve Your Surgical Outcome

Surgery is scary for everyone.  There is always the risk that something serious could go wrong, resulting in serious harm or death.  That being said, surgery is a necessary, often life-saving, procedure. The good news is that you can improve your surgical outcome by doing some homework before you schedule your procedure. Unfortunately, the risk […]

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How to Recover Faster After Surgery

Surgery takes its toll on you physically, emotionally and financially. Every patient wants to recover quickly and get back to his/her life with as few complications as possible. Although hospitals are taking steps to help patients recovery as easily and quickly as possible, there are things patients can do as well. How can you recover faster […]

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Are Simultaneous Surgeries Dangerous for Patients? They Can Be!

Having an operation is scary. Everyone worries about outcome and the affects of anesthesia. Did you know you should also be concerned about how many operations your surgeon is performing at the same time he/she is operating on you? It’s possible that your surgeon is simultaneously working on 2 or 3 operations, without telling you! Are […]

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What Kinds of Things Can Go Wrong During Surgery?

Having surgery is scary. You’re under anesthesia. You have no control over what happens. And we’ve all heard stories about terrible things happening to patients during surgery. Although it seems like a bad dream, surgeons sometimes mistakes which can seriously harm, or kill, patients. What kinds of things can go wrong during surgery? What are […]

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