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Are Clinical Trials Safe?

With COVID-19 infecting millions and killing hundreds of thousands, we’ve all heard news stories about clinical trials for medications to help those suffering from this horrible disease. Of course, clinical trials have been an important method for testing potential treatments for a long time. If you have a disease with no known cure, or conventional […]

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Researching Clinical Trial Results

Have you thought about researching clinical trial results? When you, or a loved one, have a serious medical condition, it is natural, and important, to want to learn as much as you can about the condition and potential treatments. When traditional, often-used treatments are not promising, or not working for you or your loved one, […]

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Financial Conflicts of Interest in Medical Research

When considering possible treatments for a serious illness, more and more of us involve ourselves in the decision-making process. We ask other patients what treatments they use, we get second opinions and we’re looking online for information. Doctors and patients alike rely on information they read in medical journals. Are there possible new treatments? How […]

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