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Researching New Treatment Options by Evaluating Clinical Trial Results

Are you trying to find information on new treatments? When you, or a loved one, have a serious medical condition, it is natural, and important, to want to learn as much as you can about the condition and potential treatments. When traditional, often-used treatments are not promising, or not working for you or your loved […]

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What You Need to Know About Clinical Trials Before You Sign the Dotted Line

Is a clinical trial right for you? When you are dealing with a serious illness, there may come a time when you consider a clinical trial. Perhaps there are no known successful treatments, or perhaps you have tried all of the existing therapies and none of them have worked as you and your doctor hoped. […]

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The Dangers of Too Many Tests and Treatments for Patients

Are Americans Being Overtested and Overtreated? Sadly, the Answer is a Resounding Yes! Have you ever insisted on a test or treatment when your doctor is suggesting otherwise? Has your doctor pressured you to get tested, or undergo a treatment, that you didn’t think was needed? The dangers of too many tests and treatments for […]

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Information Lacking in Reports on Side Effects in Clinical Trials

Published reports often leave out important information on side effects in clinical trials. You or a loved one is sick. Like most people these days, you dive into your computer to learn about treatment options. An important consideration when evaluating any medication or treatment is the possibility of side effects. All medications and treatments have potential […]

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Pharmaceutical Companies Are Influencing our Doctors’ Medication Recommendations

I think it is safe to say that all patients want to feel confident in their doctor’s medication recommendations. No patient wants his/her doctor prescribing a particular medication to fatten their own wallet, not to benefit the patient’s health. Same is true for medical devices. Unfortunately, studies show that we might not be able to […]

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