Will the ZaggoCare® System Help Me?

  1. Is it hard to learn how to use the system?Not at all. The system is extremely easy to use. The ZaggoCare® Guide provides guidance and tips, and it explains how and why each item in the system is important. It all works together as a complete system so you can easily stay on top of all your important medical details.
  2. Have any doctors approved it?Although the ZaggoCare® System is no substitute for good medical advice, many healthcare professionals tell us that ZaggoCare® provides patients and caregivers with useful information and tools not found elsewhere. It can make a big difference.
  3. How can I be sure the ZaggoCare® system will help me?The 120-page ZaggoCare® Guide covers a wide range of helpful topics in a clear and concise format. Even well-informed, highly-experienced patients and caregivers report the ZaggoCare® System taught them important new information and is making their lives easier. This simple and complete system keeps you and your important medical information efficiently organized – notes, test results, doctors’ contact information, insurance records, future appointments and more. Used consistently, you’ll never again scramble to find what you need.
  4. I’m a well-organized person. Why would I need this?Even the most highly organized people will benefit from the ZaggoCare® System’s practical guidance, tips and tools. The fact is, coping with the stress of an illness or injury is often harder than it needs to be because we aren’t trained or prepared for it. As I learned through caring for my teenage son during his cancer ordeal, navigating through a medical process requires far more than anyone could possibly know beforehand. Rather than have to learn everything as you go, ZaggoCare® will guide you to get more from your medical care throughout the process.

    When patients and caregivers are empowered to do a better “job” as fully involved members of the healthcare team, it can make a big difference in quality of care and outcome.

  5. I’m very disorganized. Can this even help me?Absolutely! The ZaggoCare® System turns chaos into manageable order. Even if organization is not your strong suit, ZaggoCare®‘s practical tips and tools make it easy to get organized and stay that way. Using the system consistently keeps things on track and ensures you will continue to get more from your medical care.

    The ZaggoCare® System enables you to: handle the complicated “ins and outs” of the healthcare system; communicate more effectively with your medical professionals; manage even complicated daily medication routines; organize medical paperwork for ready access; and keep focused in order to make better decisions and balance the rest of your life.

  6. I’ve been ill for several years. Why start something now?Even if you’ve been dealing with a medical ordeal for a while, the ZaggoCare® System provides new tips and tools to help everyone get more from their medical care. And, chances are your medical information could be better organized. Long-term caregivers tell us they learned valuable things from ZaggoCare®, even though they thought they had everything under control.
  7. I was just diagnosed with an illness and feel overwhelmed by everything I have to deal with. Can this help?Absolutely!  The ZaggoCare® System will hold your hand and guide you through the blur of information, medical appointments, tests, procedures, medications, and a staggering amount of paperwork and bills. The system will help ease the stress so you can get more from your medical care.
  8. My elderly parents live a distance away. How will ZaggoCare® help?The ZaggoCare® System’s practical guidance, tips and tools will help anyone involved with a loved one’s care. The Guide provides specific advice on how to make it work when caregiving from a distance. The ZaggoCare® System makes it easy for multiple caregivers to keep informed and organized in order to collaborate on care. Siblings, friends, and home health care aides can all access the same information, making sure the care is consistent and that doctor’s recommendations are being followed.
  9. Would this work for a group of caregivers?Yes. Our system will help coordinate medical information and keep everyone on track. The ZaggoCare® System makes it easy for multiple caregivers to keep informed and organized in order to collaborate on care. Siblings, friends, and home health care aides can all access the same information, making sure the care is consistent, transitions between caregivers are smooth, and that doctor’s recommendations are being followed.
  10. How can ZaggoCare® help me manage all the medicines I take?Taking a lot of medicines can be very confusing. Believe it or not, sometimes it is hard to remember if you have even taken a medication earlier in the day! Additionally, many people do not understand important details such as when to take the medications; whether to take them with or without food; what side effects to look for, and more. The ZaggoCare® Guide provides a list of comprehensive questions to ask your doctor when taking a new medicine, as well as detailed advice on how to make sure you are following the prescribed regimen. Additionally, we provide a simple Medication Chart so you can keep track of the medicines you take each day more easily.
  11. Will this help me understand and remember what my doctor says?Yes. All too often, patients and caregivers are left feeling confused and overwhelmed by all the medical terms, instructions and other information. That’s why we provide tips and a list of questions for you to use in order to navigate successfully. Also, one feature of the ZaggoCare® System involves taking notes during doctor appointments to refer back to later as questions arise. You’d be surprised at the difference this simple act can make.
  12. Can my spouse and I share a system?We recommend that each patient have his or her own system to use. Sharing one system would not be very practical as patient information would easily get mixed up and cause confusion. When patients have their own ZaggoCare® System, all their medical information stays well organized and easily accessible, even with multiple caregivers.

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