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Help your employees manage healthcare by adding ZaggoCare to your benefits offerings.


Employees who are patients or family caregivers have a lot on their shoulders. The stress of managing an illness, on top of work obligations, is overwhelming.  Whether the health challenge is their own or a loved one’s, the impact can be extremely significant. The ZaggoCare System is a disease management tool that can help employees manage any kind of illness or injury, for themselves or a loved one.



So how can employers help their employees through challenging times like these? By providing them with the information and tools they need to be knowledgeable, empowered, effective members of their medical teams. For more information, download our informative white paper on the power of disease management tools.


“I just followed up with my member who confirmed receipt of her ZaggoCare bag and she reports she loved it! She was very appreciative of it. She found it to be very thorough with details in preparing for treatments and staying organized! This is also a member with a recurrence (of cancer) who stated she thought she knew how to be organized prior and was greatly surprised with the level of organization this system brought to her.” – feedback from a case manager after speaking to an employee who received ZaggoCare through her employer


It’s Difficult to Manage a Serious Medical Condition

Research has shown that patients struggle to remember and understand medical information. One example: A landmark study found that 40-80% of medical information provided by healthcare professionals is forgotten immediately; the more information presented, the lower the proportion remembered. Of the information that patients remembered, almost 50% was remembered incorrectly. Without clear information and an understanding of the information’s importance, people are more likely to skip needed medical tests, struggle to adhere to medication regimens, end up hospitalized or in the emergency department more frequently, and have poorer health outcomes.


Disease Management Tools Can Make a Significant Difference 

The RAND Corporation’s study of health and wellness programs at PepsiCo over 7 years found that efforts to help employees manage chronic illnesses saved $3.78 in healthcare costs for every $1 spent.


Providing ZaggoCare Demonstrates Empathy 

As employers work hard to keep good employees in today’s competitive marketplace, the ZaggoCare System provides a way to show employees how much you care about them as they deal with a medical challenge. In fact, a recent survey by Businessolver found that 90% of employees think empathy is important in the workplace, and more than 60% of employees think a strong benefits package, including caring for employees’ physical and mental health, exhibits employer empathy.


The ZaggoCare System Can Help

The information and tools provided with the ZaggoCare System will help your employees be empowered, engaged, effective members of their medical teams. If your employees are managing a serious illness or injury, as a patient or family caregiver, the ZaggoCare System can help.

Providing the System to employees can:

  • Reduce absenteeism as employees learn to function as fully engaged and effective members of their healthcare team
  • Improve productivity as employees are more focused on work and less distracted their role of patient or caregiver
  • Lower medical care costs through fewer duplicate tests, fewer unnecessary doctor’s appointments and increased compliance with medication regimens
  • Enhance commitment by providing an innovative, supportive resource at time of need that is high in value and low in cost


Distributing the ZaggoCare System to Your Employees

You can let your employees know about the ZaggoCare System in a number of ways, including:

  • Partner with health insurer case management or 3rd party health management vendors
  • Send to employees/family members with a selected diagnostic code
  • “Advertise” the System on your benefits webpage
  • E-blast to employees (we can provide materials)
  • On-site health fairs, enrollment period sessions
  • On-site health clinics or health/wellness coaches

Zaggo can ship directly to your employees – no hassling with storage and shipments.


Contact Zaggo President Roberta Carson to learn how you can add the ZaggoCare System to your benefits offerings:; 617-999-6415


Harriet, HR Manager“The ZaggoCare Guide is extremely well written. It will empower readers to navigate the healthcare system with greater confidence and make their medical journey a bit easier. More than anything, it offers a sense of comfort, a feeling of ‘I can do this’. This is a wonderful resource for employers to make available to their employees. The stress of juggling a job along with managing complex healthcare is overwhelming. This guidebook will absolutely help employees alleviate the stress that can impact their work performance. Providing this kind of support to employees is not just a goodwill gesture; it makes great sense from an employee productivity standpoint.” – Harriet, HR manager

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