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Practical Tips & Tools to Help Patients Manage an Illness or Injury

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Help has finally arrived for healthcare professionals working to provide better patient care, facilitate improved patient communications, and help patients help themselves. Whether you work in private practice, a hospital or another healthcare setting, the ZaggoCare® System’s practical guidance and tools can help your patients and their family caregivers be more engaged members of their medical team.


“Overall I think ZaggoCare is an extremely valuable resource for families. It is a very comprehensive guide to assist family caregivers when it may be hard for them to think clearly about vitally important matters. I particularly appreciated that it focuses on the care recipient as well as the caregiver and stresses the importance of self-care- not just that it is essential, but how to make it happen. I think this guide and the kit it comes with provides readers with the sense that they are not alone in this- others have walked this path and they can learn from their challenges and successes. The advice and resources are very practical and appropriate, and the pointers about navigating the medical system are invaluable.” Mary S., Social Worker


The ZaggoCare System Helps Patients and Family Caregivers

Our System teaches patients and families dealing with a serious medical issue a simple, smart way to become fully involved, more effective members of the healthcare team – a long-ignored gap in patient care. Patients, family caregivers, and medical professionals all praise the ZaggoCare System.

Better Communications Leads to Better Results

Many studies have focused on patient communications and understanding. One study found that 78% of patients did not understand their doctor’s instructions after leaving the emergency room; yet only 20% recognized that they had difficulties understanding information given to them. Studies have linked improved patient-doctor communications to higher patient satisfaction, better health outcomes, more appropriate medical decisions and fewer malpractice claims. It can also lead to more efficient use of clinicians’ time.

The ZaggoCare System helps patients and family caregivers better understand doctors’ instructions and ask pertinent questions. In addition, the System encourages patients to consistently inform doctors about health information, symptoms, and side effects. When patients and caregivers engage in their care, they can get the best care possible.

Improve Medication Management and Compliance

According to the National Institutes for Health, at least 50% of patients who are prescribed drugs fail to receive the full benefit due to inadequate adherence. Studies show that more than $100 billion is wasted each year on avoidable hospitalizations due to patient non-compliance.

ZaggoCare’s tips and tools can improve medication management and compliance. The ZaggoCare Guide helps users avoid many common issues with medication compliance. Topics include:

  • What questions to ask to understand how, why and when to take each medication
  • The importance of sharing all medication information with each member of their medical team
  • How to make sure every prescription is correct
  • How to develop a system for remembering to take each medication as prescribed

Help Your Patients

  • Purchase and distribute the ZaggoCare Systems to patients and family caregivers
  • Let your patients know help is available by purchasing a ZaggoCare System online



Have you read our report on patient engagement? Insights features opinions on patient engagement from health care leaders and patient advocates. Read what Dr. Chris Landon, a pediatric pulmonologist, thinks about the need for better patient communications, education and support.  You can download Insights here.



For more information, contact Zaggo President Roberta Carson:; 617-999-6415


Medical Professionals Praise ZaggoCare

  • Luis, M.D.

    “As physicians, we need patients and their caregivers to be engaged and to partner in their treatments. ZaggoCare provides an invaluable guide for patients and caregivers on what and how to ask physicians, and how to track complex treatment regimens.” – Luis M. Salmun, M.D.

  • Lindsay, R.N.

    “This system is designed to ensure that all your notes, numbers and pertinent information is in order and readily available. I have seen this system work first hand and would highly recommend it!” – Lindsay, R.N., Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

  • “This system provides caregivers with valuable tips on organizing relevant information, maintaining records of medical visits, providing care to the patient at home and practical tips on bringing balance to life in the midst of a crisis. I believe the ZaggoCare system is an essential tool for caregivers.” – Mary L., Nurse Practitioner, Cancer Care Center
  • Suzanne Offit

    “So many patients and families will benefit from this step-by-step guide to managing the challenging experience of a medical journey. All caregivers should have it.” – Suzanne, clergy and hospital chaplain

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