Move Over Wellness: Understanding The Power of Disease Management Programs

Disease management programs benefit both employers and employees.

Your employees are struggling with illness and injury more than you realize. They’re probably struggling more than they even realize. Often unexpected, managing an illness or injury is overwhelming for all involved. Beyond the day-to-day emotional and physical challenges, patients and family caregivers must work hard to balance their job with medical, family and household demands, often with increased financial pressures. At the same time, employers face increased medical costs, absenteeism and lost productivity.

How can employers help their employees who are dealing with a serious illness or injury, as a patient or family caregiver? By providing them with the information and tools they need to be knowledgeable, empowered, effective members of their medical teams.

Not only is offering disease management tools the right thing to do, providing employees with the tools they need to better manage their medical conditions can also significantly reduce healthcare related costs. Yes, wellness programs are important but disease management should also be a part of your benefits offerings.

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