August 2018: Roberta’s article “5 Hospital Safety Hazards You Need to Know About” is posted on TheCaregiverSpace website. Roberta shares information you need to know to reduce your risk of safety hazards while in the hospital.


July 2018: I am thrilled to share that BBK, a global leader in clinical trial patient recruitment, has selected my blog posts as their resource for their new ClinicalNotifier website — a new site dedicated to supporting patients as they navigate the clinical trial process. Like Zaggo, BBK’s commitment to patient-centric care is one of its founding principles. I am honored to be partnering with BBK and I’m thrilled to be supporting them, and their patient community, in this way.


July 2018: Roberta’s article “Five Common Healthcare Mistakes Caregivers Make and How to Avoid Them” is posted on TheCaregiverSpace website. Roberta shares information on common mistakes made by caregivers and provides easy to follow tips to avoid making these mistakes that can impact patient health.


antibiotic article screen shot: Zaggo newsMarch 2018: Costco Connection Magazine publishes Roberta’s article “Antibiotic? Helpful drugs must be used cautiously”. Here Roberta shares information about the good and bad aspects of antibiotics and what you can do to protect yourself and our world from dangerous antibiotic resistant superbugs.



caregiving article screenshot: Zaggo newss

December 2017: Costco Connection Magazine publishes Roberta’s article “Caring most, caring best: Five ways to be a better caregiver”.  Here Roberta shares her top tips for caregivers in Costco Magazine, a publication sent to 12 million households.



health literacy article screen shot: zaggo newsNovember 2, 2017: posts Roberta’s article “Understanding the Power of Health Literacy”. In this article, Roberta discusses the importance of health literacy and what can be done to improve patient understanding.


Zaggo Founder Roberta Carson wins WEGO Health Award for Best Kept Secret

WEGO award: Zaggo newsOctober 2017: Roberta is proud to share that her work helping patients and family caregivers has been recognized with a 2017 WEGO Health Impact Award for Patient Leader: Best Kept Secret. These awards celebrate those who tirelessly support the mission of WEGO Health: to empower the patient voice. Out of over 2,500 entrants from around the world, Roberta was one of 16 winners.  Click here to learn more.


brookline TAB article on Roberta: Zaggo newsAugust 25, 2017: Emma Murphy of the Brookline TAB/Wicked Local wrote an article on my story: “Chestnut Hill mom finds new way to help families navigate healthcare system”. The article includes the story of Roberta’s experience taking care of her son Zachary when he battled his terminal brain tumor and how it led her to create the ZaggoCare System to help patients and families.


roberta's story screenshot: Zaggo newsRoberta’s guest post “How my Son’s Cancer Put me on the Path of Helping Others” appears on BetterAfter on June 15, 2017. In this post Roberta discusses how being the caregiver for my son Zach during his battle with a terminal brain tumor compelled me to help others as they navigate their own illness or injury.


Zaggo surveyed the community-at-large to learn people’s view on the importance of doctor-patient communication, and on the quality of medical appointments. See the survey results in the blog posts with the statistics and with a sampling of the comments.


Roberta’s guearticle on staying comfortable and safe in hospital screen shot: Zaggo newsst post “Five Ways to Keep Your Parent’s Hospital Stay Safe and Comfortable” appears on on April 27, 2017. This posts outlines five hospital safety hazards and recommends steps you can take to reduce your risk.



BBK Worldwide’s April 27, 2017  post by Juli Greenwood “A Caregiver’s Perspective on Rare Disease Clinical Trials” highlights our experience with Zach’s treatment in clinical trials.


For a comprehensive discussion of 11 hospital safety hazards and how to reduce your risk, download our new free Guide: “Reduce Your Risk of Hospital Safety Hazards: A Quick Guide for Patients and Families.


Robertdoctors and computers article screen shot: Zaggo newsa’s guest post “You, Your Doctor and the Computer. Is Three a Crowd?” appears on on January 6, 2017.  Read how computers and electronic health records impact care today. Most of all, learn how to get the most out of your doctor appointments in this high-tech era.


power of patient engagement article screenshot: Zaggo NewsBBK Worldwide Guest Spotlight: Roberta’s post on the power of patient engagement appears on December 15, 2016.  Roberta discusses common barriers to patient engagement and what steps patients, doctors and pharmaceutical companies can take.


doctor burnout article screenshot: Zaggo news

Roberta’s guest post “Doctor Burn-Out and How It’s Impacting Your Healthcare” appears on on December 14, 2016. Learn why so many doctors feel burned-out, and how this can impact your care. In addition, learn what you can do to maximize your appointments and strengthen your relationship with your doctor.


roberta's caregiving story screenshot: zaggo newsRoberta’s guest post “How my Son’s Cancer Put me on the Path of Helping Others Become Better Patients and Caregivers” appears on on December 10, 2016.  Roberta shares her experience taking care of Zach which led her to start Zaggo and create the ZaggoCare System.



Zaggo Founder Roberta Carson Honored with a 2016 Patients’ View Impact Award
patients' view impact award: Zaggo news

December 2016: Roberta is proud to announce that her commitment to helping patients and family caregivers has been recognized with a 2016 Patients’ View Impact Honorable Mention. The Patients’ View Impact Award is the only national award to highlight the power patients can have in improving healthcare. PVI, a national non-profit, is dedicated to organizing, supporting and amplifying the patient’s voice to help improve health care. The Leapfrog Group is a national non-profit dedicated to improving the quality and safety of American health care. Out of approximately 40 entries for 2016, Roberta is honored to receive one of three “Honorable Mention” awards.  For more information, please see PVI’s official announcement here.



zaggo press release: zaggo news

September 14, 2016

Zaggo, Inc. Helps Hundreds of Patients and Caregivers Manage Illness or Injury

Read the Press Release here.





common caregiving mistakes article screenshot: zaggo news

Roberta’s guest post, “Five Common Healthcare Mistakes Caregivers Make and How to Avoid Them”, appears on on August 25, 2016. Whether you are caring for yourself, a parent, or another family member, these tips will make your job as easier.
easier cancer medication management article screenshot: zaggo news



Roberta’s guest post, “Five Tips for Easier Cancer Medication Management, appears on, on August 10, 2016. These tips make it easier for patients dealing with any kind of illness to take their medications as prescribed.


patient doctor communications article screenshot: zaggo news


Roberta’s article, “Back to Basics: Could Improved Patient-Provider Communications be the Remedy Healthcare Needs?”, appears on on August 18, 2016.  Roberta discusses the importance of patient-provider communication. In addition, she suggests steps doctors can take to improve communication and encourage patient engagement.



patient safety article screenshot: zaggo news

Roberta’s article, “Where’s the Charity Walk for Patient Safety?”, appears on STAT News on April 22, 2016.  Roberta discusses the lack of public attention patient safety receives, despite medical errors being the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S.  The article outlines steps patients and families can take to reduce their risk of medical errors.



caregiver friendly award: zaggo newsWe are proud to announce that we won a 2011 Caregiver Friendly® Award for being one of the best products of 2011 from Today’s Caregiver Magazine.  We are thrilled to be recognized as a superior product.