Financial Help

Air Care Alliance

This website provides a directory of aviation groups that offer free air transportation provided by volunteer pilots. If you find a group that may meet your needs you can apply for free flights. Some of the aviation groups provide transport on commercial jets, and others use smaller private planes.

Air Charity Network


This organization provides flights for patients and family members that meet the following criteria: the patient must be medically stable to fly and have some mobility; the patient must either be unable to afford to travel on commercial transportation or there must be no suitable or appropriate transportation available; and the patient must have a medical diagnosis that requires treatment at a hospital that specializes in that condition.

American Cancer Society


In addition to the information and support, this non-profit organization operates Hope Lodge and has arrangements with hotels to provide free or low-cost housing to cancer patients and families traveling for treatment.

Benefits Check Up


This website is a free service of the non-profit organization, National Council on Aging, created to help patients 55 and over receive help for paying for prescriptions, healthcare, utilities and other basic needs. Complete their on-line survey and receive a personalized report that describes programs from which you may be able to receive financial help.

Cancer Hawk

This website provides links to hundreds of organizations that provide financial assistance to cancer patients. You can find help for a variety of expenses, including medical, travel, rent, groceries, college tuition and more.

Corporate Angel Network

This charitable organization provides free air transportation for all cancer patients and bone marrow donors/recipients traveling to treatment using the empty seats on corporate jets. Eligibility is not based on financial needs and patients may travel as many times as needed.

HealthWell Foundation


This foundation provides financial assistance to eligible individuals to cover co-insurance, co-payments and healthcare premiums and deductible, for certain medications and therapies.  Visit the website to view the list of specific conditions covered.  You can apply online or by phone (Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm Eastern time).


This non-profit organization provides links to resources for financial help for patients and families. In addition to help with prescriptions, you can find information on financial assistance with co-pays, office visits, medical supplies, transportation, specialty camps and other expenses.

Patient Access Network (PAN) Foundation


This non-profit organization’s mission is to help underinsured patients with their out-of-pocket expenses for medications and treatments. They help patients with federal and commercial insurance who are dealing with life-threatening, chronic and rare diseases.

Patient Advocate Foundation


This non-profit organization’s mission is to provide mediation and arbitration services to patients to remove obstacles to healthcare.  They help patients with arbitration, mediation and negotiation to settle issues with access to care, medical debt, and job retention related to their illness. Online information is available on management of medical debt crisis, insurance access issues, and employment issues for patients. You can check one of 30+ FAQs to get instant answers to your concerns/questions, or you can e-mail a professional case manager with your question. Information is available online in Spanish.

Patient Resource Publishing

This company’s mission is to provide free information and resources to patients.  Their on-line resource center provides an extensive listing of organizations (with phone number and web link) who provide financial help.  The site is focused on cancer patients, but many of the resources listed provide help for a wide variety of illnesses and conditions.  The resources are divided into the following categories:

  • basic living expenses
  • child care expenses
  • equipment/supplies expenses
  • government assistance
  • grants, scholarships, awards & camps
  • home health care expenses
  • housing during treatment expenses
  • insurance premium expenses
  • legal issues
  • medical care expenses
  • post-treatment financial needs
  • prescription expenses
  • transportation/travel expenses

Team Continuum

This non-profit organization is dedicated to helping cancer patients and their families, including providing financial help with household expenses. They provide financial support for basic expenses, including electric, phone, water, gas, rent, and transportation. They do not give cash grants and do not cover the cost of medical treatments. Find the application for financial assistance on their website.

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