ZaggoCare System helps patients and families get the best health care and outcome possible

ZaggoCare Helps Patients Get the Best Medical Care Possible

Our award-winning system provides information and tools to help patients and family caregivers navigate the complex healthcare system. Whether it’s a new diagnosis or an ongoing illness or injury, the ZaggoCare System can help.

Did you know that patients who are more involved in their care are:

  • Less likely to experience a medical error 
  • Less likely to be readmitted to the hospital after discharge
  • More likely to have better care coordination and communication among their healthcare providers

With ZaggoCare, patients and family caregivers will feel informed, empowered and in control.

ZaggoCare customers learn:

  • The most effective way to speak with members of the healthcare team. 
  • Critical questions to ask, and when to ask them. 
  • Strategies for taking medications correctly. 
  • Tips for keeping medical information organized. 
  • Ways to reduce the risk of medical errors. 
  • Best practices for coordinating care among medical specialists.

The ZaggoCare System makes a potentially overwhelming and scary experience less stressful for patients and families. Knowledge — plus organization tools — is power!

The ZaggoCare Guide

It starts with the ZaggoCare Guide: Practical Tips & Tools for Managing an Illness or Injury

Our 123-page information-packed guide provides tips and recommendations to help patients and family caregivers navigate healthcare. 

Customers tell us the Guide gives them invaluable information and alerts them to questions they’ve never thought to ask. The Guide includes:

  • Tools to keep track of symptoms, medications, medical terms, appointments and test results.
  • Questions to ask your medical team at every step of the journey.
  • Recommendations for how to be a strong advocate as a patient or family caregiver.
  • Suggestions for making treatment decisions, taking medications as prescribed, getting help from friends and family, managing insurance and medical bills, and more.
  • Advice for learning how to cope with a “new normal”.

The Complete ZaggoCare System

In addition to the Guide, the ZaggoCare System gives you a toolkit for staying organized and managing communications with your healthcare team.

The ZaggoCare System provides tips and tools to help patients and family caregivers more easily navigate the medical world.

The Complete ZaggoCare System Includes:

  • The ZaggoCare Guide.
  • A notebook for jotting down and keeping in one place information about symptoms and side effects, medications and treatment plans, questions for your doctors, appointment reminders, test results, and all the details large and small that are so integral to any patient’s healthcare journey. 
  • An accordion file for organizing visit notes, test results, and other medical documents.
  • A business card holder.
  • A pouch to carry a pen, hand lotion, headphones, and other small items.
  • A stylish, durable carry case (20″ x 14″ x 5″) large enough to hold all the ZaggoCare organizational tools, plus plenty of extra space for books or a tablet, chargers, snacks and more. The carryall includes zippered pockets, water bottle holders, and a removable, adjustable shoulder strap.

It’s only $80 – with free shipping!

The ZaggoCare Mini System

Looking for a simpler, even more cost-effective system? The ZaggoCare Mini System includes the award-winning ZaggoCare Guide, a notebook, and an accordion folder for keeping your medical information organized.

It’s only $56 – with free shipping!

The ZaggoCare mini-System helps patients get the best healthcare possible

The ZaggoCare System Makes a Great Gift for Yourself or a Loved One

Buy the ZaggoCare System for yourself, a friend or loved one. It offers anyone dealing with a serious medical condition a new peace of mind while providing information and tools that can help patients get the best care possible. There is no better gift to help yourself or a loved one during a difficult time. 

photo two women hugging - ZaggoCare makes a great gift by helping loved ones get the best healthcare possible


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