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Five Benefits of Telemedicine

Perhaps there is no specialist near you who can treat your condition. Maybe you are frail and weak, and therefore can’t manage a trip to the doctor’s office. Or, perhaps you don’t have transportation, can’t find affordable transportation, can’t get out of work, or have caregiving responsibilities. There are countless reasons that make traveling to […]

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How Can You Get the Best Healthcare? Actively Participate!

I was surprised to learn recently that a large percent of patients are “passive spectators” of their own healthcare. Passive patients rely on their doctor’s experience and knowledge. As a result, they “sit back” and let the experience happen to them. Why is this important? Because your health can suffer if you don’t engage in […]

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What’s a Health Information Exchange and How Does it Help Patients?

Most doctors use Electronic Health Records (EHRs) to record notes during and after appointments, and to keep digital records of patient-related care, including test results. Digital records have many advantages over paper records but are far from perfect. EHRs are time consuming for doctors and can negatively impact the quality of the doctor-patient interaction during appointments. […]

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Learn a Lesson From Serena Williams: Trust Your Instincts When it Comes to Your Health

Speaking up can reduce your risk of a misdiagnosis! Have you ever felt that your doctor isn’t listening to you? Have you had your concerns brushed aside? Are you wondering how you can reduce your risk of a misdiagnosis? It happens in doctors’ offices, emergency departments and hospital rooms – patients have a sense of […]

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Outpatient Medical Errors: Patient Safety Concerns Are Not Only for Hospitals.

Do you know how to reduce your risk of medical errors at your doctor’s office? There’s been quite a bit in the news the past few years about safety in hospitals. Yet you don’t hear about the dangers patients face in doctor offices, urgent care centers, day surgical centers and even their homes. Do you […]

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New Trends in Healthcare: Uber vs Ambulance, EMT Care in Your Home, Tablets for Hospital Patients

This is the 2nd post in my 4 part series on new trends in healthcare. Today’s post covers Uber instead of an ambulance, EMT care in your home, and tablets for hospital patients. To read the other posts in this series: Telehealth and medical scribes Concierge doctors and “smart” hospitals Personal tracking devices and digital pills […]

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New Trends in Healthcare: Telehealth, Medical Scribes

Healthcare, like every other industry, is always changing. What kinds of changes will we see in the coming years? Today’s post covers telehealth and medical scribes. To read the other posts in this 4-part series: Uber vs ambulances, EMT care in your home and tablets for hospital patients Concierge doctors and “smart” hospitals Personal tracking […]

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6 Tips to Better Manage Your Healthcare for 2018

Now that 2018 is here, it’s a good time to focus on how to better manage your healthcare. Here are six tips to better manage your healthcare to get the best outcome possible for yourself or a loved one. Prepare for Medical Appointments! Doctors see patients in time limited slots, with both parties often feeling rushed. […]

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