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The Benefits of Concierge Medicine

Have you ever felt that your primary care doctor doesn’t have time to adequately care for you? Or do you feel that he/she doesn’t really know you? Do you hate sitting in waiting rooms while your doctor finishes up with other patients? If so, you are not alone. Primary care doctors are busy! Most primary […]

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Can you Trust Medical Information Online?

Would you ask a fellow shopper at the grocery store why you have pain when you breathe? Would you ask your car mechanic what kind of surgery you should have to fix a heart condition? Of course not! Although many of us seek advice from family, friends, colleagues and sometimes even strangers, it’s not necessarily […]

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Communication Gap Among Doctors

Do you see specialists? Do you use urgent care clinics? Have you been hospitalized? In all of these scenarios, doctors other than your primary care doctor provide care. Do you realize that your primary care doctor does not always receive information from these other providers? Clearly, it’s beneficial for your primary care doctor know how […]

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Understanding Medical Information Is Harder Than Most Realize

“You don’t know what you don’t know.” It might be a tired adage, but it really applies to navigating the medical world. Certainly, you need to understand health information for the best chance of a good outcome. But understanding medical information is harder than most realize. One’s ability to understand health information is formally called […]

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Electronic Health Records Add to Doctors’ Stress

It has become a common sight – doctors with their laptops or tablets, conversing with patients while navigating through EHRs (Electronic Health Records), searching and typing. Does the widespread use of Electronic Health Records add to doctors’ stress? EHRs have certainly impacted the type of interactions we have with our doctors. Do EHRs make it […]

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Electronic Health Records Problems

We’re all accustomed to seeing our doctors use their computer or tablet during appointments and in the hospital since electronic health records (EHRs) are widely used. Is this a good development? Is the information in EHRs accurate? Do EHRs add to doctor stress, potentially impacting care? Although there are clear advantages of EHRs, there are […]

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