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Can Doctors Use Medical Scribes Without Patient Consent?

Over the last few decades, the practice of medicine has increased in complexity and pace. Financial pressures force doctors to see patients in time-squeezed appointments. And the widespread use of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) has introduced a litany of frustrating, time-consuming issues. Unfortunately for patients, doctors can struggle to focus on their patients with their […]

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Can you Trust Medical Information on Facebook?

As the world struggles to contain COVID-19, people turn to websites, Facebook and other social network sites to learn about the virus, how it spreads and how they can protect themselves. But even before COVID-19, billions used the internet for medical information. Unfortunately, there is a lot of health misinformation available on your computer, and […]

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Why are Doctor-Patient Relationships Vital?

Nobody likes everyone they meet. Sometimes we judge others based on their behavior, and other times we judge based on the way people look, their job, or their background. What if turns out that your doctor doesn’t like you? Or your doctor is biased against you because of your weight or intelligence? Your relationships with […]

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6 Things Doctors Want Patients to Know

Are you doing everything before, during and after your medical appointments to help yourself get the best health care and outcome? Probably not! Fortunately, doctors have suggestions for ways patients can better manage their care and get the most of out of medical appointments. Read on to learn what doctors want patients to know, so […]

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Safety Concerns for Patient Hand-offs

With any communication, it’s important to provide clear, understandable information. If you misunderstand your spouse’s instructions for heating up dinner, a little aggravation boils up along with the food. However, communication issues can lead to much more than an aggravation when your health is at stake. Effective communication among medical staff is essential when patient […]

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What You Need to Know About Medical Tests

Tests are an important part of medicine. They help doctors determine a diagnosis and possible treatments. But, testing, and getting the results, is not a seamless process. Firstly, it’s not uncommon for doctors prescribe tests that are unnecessary. Secondly, mistakes in the testing process can lead to erroneous results. And lastly, doctors can fail to […]

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The Benefits of Concierge Medicine

Have you ever felt that your primary care doctor doesn’t have time to adequately care for you? Or do you feel that he/she doesn’t really know you? Do you hate sitting in waiting rooms while your doctor finishes up with other patients? If so, you are not alone. Primary care doctors are busy! Most primary […]

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