Traumatic Brain Injury

Coping with any kind of brain injury is difficult and overwhelming. We hope you find these resources for traumatic brain injury patients and caregivers helpful.

Brain Injury Association of America

This non-profit organization is dedicated to being the voice of brain injury through advocacy, education and research. The website provides information on how the brain functions and the effects of brain injuries, warning signs, treatment options and more. A large list of resources provides access to information on alternative treatments, assistive technologies, behavior changes, caregiver/family stress, cognition and memory, depression, financial issues, employment, legal issues, research/clinical trials and more. Call the National Brain Injury Information Center at 800-444-6443.

Family Caregiver Alliance

This non-profit organization’s mission is to support and educate family caregivers. Their website provides helpful information on traumatic brain injuries, including definitions of different injury types; the physical, cognitive and behavioral impacts of TBI; recovery tips; rehabilitation information; caregiver tips; information for Veterans with TBI; and a list of other helpful resources and organizations.

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