Heart Conditions

male patient in hospital with wife, speaking to doctor: Zaggo resources for patients with heart conditions

Managing heart conditions, as patients or caregivers, can be difficult and scary. We hope you find these resources for patients with heart conditions helpful.

American Heart Association


This non-profit organization provides a wide range of information on various heart conditions, including arrhythmia, cardiac arrest, cholesterol, congenital heart diseases, high blood pressure and stroke. The website includes information on caregiving and tips on staying healthy. Information is available on-line in Spanish and several Asian languages.

CDC – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

This government web page provides easy to understand information for key terms related to heart disease. This web page also provides links to helpful documents, including those providing information on signs and symptoms of a heart attack, heart failure and different factors for men and women.

National Heart, Lung, Blood Institute

This government run website provides extensive information on heart, blood vessel, lung and blood conditions.  The site includes information on tests and procedures, as well as educational videos.  Some of the information is available on-line in Spanish.

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