NeedyMeds Helps Patients Save Money on Medications and Other Healthcare Expenses

This is a guest post written by NeedyMeds, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping patients save money on medications and other healthcare expenses.

photo of grey and yellow pills on top of US 20 dollar billsEvery day more and more Americans are struggling to cover their medication costs. As a result, many must make difficult choices between paying for food, housing, or prescriptions. Certainly, uninsured Americans face the most difficulty, with extremely high medical bills they must pay for themselves. But people with insurance also feel the pinch with high deductibles and co-pays which lead to increased out-of-pocket costs. Fortunately, there are many kinds of programs and resources across the country for those struggling with the healthcare costs. Unfortunately, these programs don’t widely advertise, making it hard for patients and families to find them. But there is no need to worry, NeedyMeds can help you find these often life-saving programs.

What is NeedyMeds?

NeedyMeds connects people in the US to healthcare cost savings resources – free and anonymously. You can find information and help on Or, if you prefer, you can call the helpline at 800.503.6897. Although the organization’s name includes “Meds”, patients can find help for all kinds of medical and health-related expenses.

What kind of help does NeedyMeds provide?

NeedyMeds is a clearinghouse for healthcare cost savings programs. Since NeedyMeds provides information on a wide variety of programs, all patients should be able to find a program that suits their needs. The most popular programs for patients include:

Prescription Assistance Programs.

Prescription Assistance Programs  (PAPs) provide great savings for brand name prescription medications. PAPs, created by pharmaceutical companies, provide free or discounted medicines to people who cannot afford them. Each program has its own qualifying criteria. And, you must apply separately for each PAP, which can seem overwhelming. However, if you need help applying, visit Help With Prescription Assistance Applications for free or low-cost help.

Generic Discount Drug Program.

Generic drugs can provide great savings. But how do you know if you’re getting the best deal? Use the $4 Generic Discount Drug Program to find generic medications for a discounted price. Because of this low-cost program, you might find your prescription at a price lower than what you’d pay with your insurance company.

Database for free or low-cost care.

If you or a loved one need affordable primary and preventive care, search the free/low-cost sliding scale database. Find convenient locations for medical, dental, mental health or substance addiction clinics.

Coupons and rebates.

discount sign - redAnother way to save is through coupons and rebates. The Coupons & Rebates section connects you to discounted over-the-counter drugs, prescription medicines and medical supplies.

Help related to specific diagnoses.

Additionally, financial help is available based on specific healthcare conditions. Visit the Diagnosis Based Assistance database to find help with medical needs such as medical equipment, respite care or living expenses while receiving treatment.

Transportation expense assistance.

Oftentimes, getting to and from a doctor or specialized facility causes a financial burden. But financial help is available for transportation. The Medical Transportation section lists programs offering help with medically related transportation or travel expenses.

Help with the fun stuff!

Also, be sure to visit the website to find financial help for some fun programs. You can find financial help for camps, retreats, and recreational programs for people of all ages living with specific diagnoses. Additionally, you can search for information on educational scholarships for patients.

Government programs.

And the Government Programs section is worth searching for Government Funded healthcare programs – and other helpful resources – in your state.

Drug discount cards.

Furthermore, you can get significant discounts on prescription medications with the NeedyMeds Drug Discount Card.  With the card you save up to 80% on prescription medications. Additionally, you can save on over-the-counter drugs and medical supplies (with prescriptions). Most noteworthy, over 65,000 pharmacies in the US accept this discount card. And anyone can get the card, regardless of income level or insurance status, with no registration or personal information required.

How do you reach NeedyMeds?

For more information, visit or call the toll-free helpline at 800-503-6897. We’re here to help you afford your much-needed medical expenses.


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